We Take Care Of Business

We Provide The Following Services

1. Meet with owner to preview property and make recomendations.

2. Place FOR RENT sign on the property.

3. Coordinate advertising in selected media.

4 .Escort all showings personally.

5.Take all applications.

6. Perform Credit Check, employment verification, previous landlord check,
     reference verification and converse with owner before tenant placement.

7. Preparation of rental agreement and appropriate addendums.

8. Collect rents and security deposit on behalf of owner.

9. Meet with tenants to read over and discuss rental agreement.

10. Perform thorough walk thru of the premises and prepare a move in condition
      report with appropriate photos.

11. Coordinate appropriate maintenance and payment.

12. 24 Hour Emergency on call service

13. Monthly drive by inspections, post notices and .

14. Monthly statements to owner.

Tenant to pay rent by the 3rd of the month.  Owner to be sent check by the 15th of the month.  Note if tenant is late with payment this may cause delay with owner statement. Tenant will then be charged a late fee for this delay retained by agent for collection  For tenants who fail to pay a 3 day notice will be issued on the 6th day.  Any procedure after that to recover property (unlawful detainer) will be handled by a lawyer.This cost is charged to the tenant.  The homowner will be charged for any balance due if not enough deposit exists.